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Oil Capacity: 1.3 Ltrs 0.29 Gallaons
Weight: 3 Kg 6.6 Lb
Air Flow Capacity: 1.5 – 8 m3/min 53 – 282 cfm
Hose Connection: 3/4″ – 1″

It is also known as Lubricator and Air Line Lubricator

Thread Size: ¼ Inches to 2 Inches
Working Pressure: 10 Bar to 16 Bar
Material: Zink Plated Cast Iron or Steel Forge
Seal: Oil Resistant Rubber Seal
Types: Female Thread, Male Thread , Hose Tail, Retaining Rings and Collar with Hose Tail.

They are also known as Pneumatic Connections, Hose Couplings, Joint Couplings and Hose Pipe Couplings.

Size: ½ Inches to 2.5 Inches
Material: Malleable Cast iron Forging
Suitable for: Hose Coupling and Hose Nipples