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Thread Size: ¼ Inches to 2 Inches
Working Pressure: 10 Bar to 16 Bar
Material: Zink Plated Cast Iron or Steel Forge
Seal: Oil Resistant Rubber Seal
Types: Female Thread, Male Thread , Hose Tail, Retaining Rings and Collar with Hose Tail.

They are also known as Pneumatic Connections, Hose Couplings, Joint Couplings and Hose Pipe Couplings.

DRILLMAN Coupling Sleeves are compatible with DRILLMAN Extension Rods, Shank Adaptors and compatible with equipments of companies like Atlas Copco and Sandvik as well.

Coupling Types –

  • Semi Bridge Coupling Sleeve
  • Full Bridge Coupling Sleeve
  • Cross Over Adaptor

Thread Types – R22, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51

Thread Rod Type Length Range (mm) Thread Type
R22 Hex 400 – 6000 M/M
R22 Hex 800 – 3200 F/M
R32 Round 800 – 4500 M/M
R32 Round 800 – 4500 F/M
T38 Round 1000 – 4500 M/M
T38 Round 1000 – 4500 F/M
T45 Round 1000 – 4500 M/M
T45 Round 1000 – 4500 F/M

Other names are Extension drill steel, Extension drill rod, and Extension steel, M/F rod ( Speedrod )

Compatible with: Forage De Roche
Hex Size: 22 mm
Shank Length: 108 mm or 4 1/4 Inches
Flushing Hole: 6mm
Tip: Extra Tough Grade Tungsten Carbide
Drill Bit Range: 24 – 40 mm
Length Range: 400 mm – 6000 mm
Suitable for: Granite Quarries, Underground Mining
Unique Feature: Waterproof Coating in through hole

They are also known as Hexagonal Hollow Drill Steel Rods with Tungsten Carbide Tip ( TCT ), Top Hammer Integral Drill Steel, TCT Drill Rod and Integral Drill Rod.

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