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6 Ways in which DRILLMAN has helped 6240 customers
save around 56.8 cr rupees

On average Customers using Drillman Jackhammer and Drill Rods see -

Special design modification in rotation system in our Jack Hammer enables it to drill faster as compared to other brands.

Drillman Jackhammers are designed in such a way that it can work efficiently at less air pressure as a result the air compressor consumes less fuel to produce compressed air for Jackhammer. ( save 4,32,000 with just 1 Drillman jackhammer – to know how…. Watch the video / Click the link)

Drillman Jackhammers are made of Special Alloy Steel with extra hardness due to which the wear and tear of spare parts is less, as a result, the life of the Jackhammer is double as compared to other local brands.

Drillman Drill Rods are 36% more economical than Imported rods of Atlas Copco / Sandvik in terms of Rs/feet.

Drillman drill rods drill 52% more holes than local / low-quality drill rods.

Drillman drill rods are made from high-tensile strength steel, which results in 67% less breakage of drill rods as compared to low-quality rods.

Why Choose DRILLMAN?

34+ Years Since Established

Distributors, wholesaler, retailers in 228 cities & 23 states of india, 29 countries and 4 continents.

162 checkpoints in every order.

95.4% of orders delivered on time

94% repeat end users

Total numbers of users of our product 43255

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DRILLMAN has established its presence in 5 Continents and 38 countries

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As a successful Mining Equipment supplier, DRILLMAN has delivered its expertise to over 6200 satisfied clients since 1999

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